Sunless Tanning

Sunless tanning has become popular in recent years. the reason being an increasing number of cancer cases resulting from uv rays from the sun or the solaria benches. selftanning is not causing thr same danger. yiu will also avoid the carrot colores cskin that often is the result of to much rolaria tanning. another risk yiu avoid is to be sunburned.bwith sunless tan you dont risk getting a sunburn or a first or second degree burning. if you have tattoos organic sunless tan products will protect your skin and help keep the tattoos in tact as no UV exposure are involved.

How to choose

Choosing a sunless tan or selftanning product is imortant. you can choose between a chemical or natural product. to avoid the chemical nasties you should choose an organic sunless tanning product. Eco by Sonya is an australian producer of organic tanning products who has been on the market for some years. under the fan of Eco Tan they market their products around the world. Even tattoo studios recommend hempitan and winterskin organic tanning product as it gives your a beautiful skin color without impacting your tattoos.


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